Chocolate Abuelita: The Best Hot Cocoa Ever!

Chocolate Abuelita: The Best Hot Cocoa Ever!

Chocolate Abuelita has been a staple in Mexican households for years— there's no Mexican out there who doesn't know the taste!

Holiday traditions during Rosca de Reyes and Tamales just wouldn't be complete without the taste of a good cup of hot chocolate.

In 1919, this iconic brand was founded by the González Barragán brothers in Veracruz. Ten years later, they moved the business to Mexico City where it continued to grow. After just one decade, the Chocolate Abuelita we all know and love was born.

The image of Chocolate Abuelita is the face of Sara García. She represents everything that chocolate is: pampering, warm and homely.

Chocolate Abuelita is a Mexican icon that will forever be one of the most beloved faces. In 1995, Nestlé bought all of the Chocolates Azteca brands.

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